WWI era flechette


Which country does this flechette belong to


sorry I thought mine was exactly like this one but after a more thorough examination the fins are loose but held on by a ring squeezing the fins on the shaft unlike this one where the fins are welded on the shaft


If yours is like this one it is British and on one of the fins on mine is marked BRISTOL REGD NO 641961


PEPPER! We need you…


YEP thats it sorry I would have taken a picture of mine but my camera recently craped out on me Thanks for the help





We need Ron & Chris to pull the achieved threads on flechettes.....I’ve written a few over the years.  I do not claim to be an expert on the countries as I base my info off the various photos and country attributes as you see on a couple of the photos (not my labeling)

I think I have added one or two more since these file photos were taken (if anyone has any variations they’d like to barter....let’s chat !!)

Documentations on these critters might be rarer (it is rarer) than the examples that pop up on the auction sites every now and again.  I would love to back up some ID’s with the written word and then we (I) could add an article for the Journal.   If anyone has any decent articles or documents that you feel ID’s any type/shape to country of origin......let’s try to pound out some ID’s.... I would guess I have a fair idea on ¾ of these (as to country of origin)


PS…photos of my 3 day and 2 night US Navy adventure for another day