WWI Halifax munition ship explosion


I had to wait almost a century to learn this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Explosion


Being in Canada it has always been a part of our history and a well known tragedy…it just takes a long time for the rest of the world to notice Canadian events …lol


I had been reed about that disaster in a book named “The Secrets of the Marine Catastrophes” by Lev Skryagin (as far as I remember), when I was little boy. I was deeply shocked and impressed by the scale of this tragedy. In that reading there also was a story about Texas Sity Disaster caused by explosion of the Grandcamp ship, and it was of similar scale.



Some years a go there was a documentary about the Halifax disaster on History Channel or A&E, I don’t remember which. One difference between Halifax and Texas City was that at Halifax explosives munitions were involved, while at Texas City it was Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer. I think the latter was in 1947. Until Texas City, the explosive hazard of AN itself was widely unrecognized. There was also a major maritime blast at some port in California during WWII while a U. S. Navy munitions ship was being loaded.


The California tragedy was at a place called Port Chicago, in the wider San Francisco Bay Area. It prompted a
mutiny among ammunition handlers that was probably fairly well justified, but of course, due to the war,
treated quite harshly. They say that the explosion could be heard all over the Bay Area. While it happened in
my lifetime, in my area of California, I was too young and don’t recall anything about it other than what history
has recorded.