WWI Rifle grenade


does any one have the length and diameter of the rod used by the US in early WWI WP and CN gas rfile grenades


I’ve got a couple of WWI and inter-war manuals; I’ll look but I don’t think the dimensions are given. Have you tried the British Ordnance Collector’s website? Somebody there probably owns the complete set.


Nothing in the manuals I have; just non-dimensioned cutaways.


I picked up a heavily restored example at a show a while back. The rod on it is a loose (not sloppy, but not a tight slip fit) in a .30 caliber barrel. Length is about 15-16 inches as I recall. I honestly don’t remember where I put it, or I would dig it out and provide better measurements. However, the guy who restored it may have only been guessing himself, so best option is to wait for someone with an original to respond.