WWII 11.5lb British practice bomb


I was visiting a much younger collector on my last Canadian stop. He has a piece he’d like to identify. So here is RimPin and his practice bomb.


11 1/2 lb practice bomb, standard British pattern for 1940s up to early '70s.
Should be fitted with a brass striker in the nose that would have initiated the No.28 Detonator Burster, fitted in the middle section.The heavy nose section should be able to be unscrewed from the tail.
In use the tail was filled with Titainium Tetrachloride as a smoke producing agent.




U.S.N.B.D. stands for United States Navy Bomb Disposal (school). Does it still exist?


NAVY EOD now I believe.



Excellent information guys!!! Thank you all for these details! I truly appreciate the effort!