WWII 12-gauge 00-buck crate T3ABD

While browsing military vehicles for sale on Ebay today, I came across this M4A1 Sherman for sale in France. It has some ammo crates and other accessories strapped to it, and I thought that the 12 gauge 00-buck T3ABD crate was a nice rare find:



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Yes, that is a great crate, and while it does make for a great display, I would wonder what a tanker would do with a Shotgun… I guess I thought that shorter weapons, such as the .45 M3 “Grease Gun” or the Thompson would work better in a tank.

Tank hatches are generally pretty narrow, but those openings for the driver and MG-/radio operator give me the shivers. Imagine getting out of those while the engine is soaring in flames, the gun is limping overhead, and some Panther is emptying the MG34 in your direction…

/tank digression



You should pick up that box. For under $200K you can get it and the nice Sherman to boot! The tank would probably look nice parked outside your ammo store…Shipping charges might sting a bit.

As far as shotguns for tankers goes, perhaps a clever GI would repair a “damaged” buttstock by removing the portion rear of the pistol grip?


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