WWII 3" Mortar colours


I have a 3" mortar dated August 1944 and I’m curious as to whether this is the original paint or if someone else has been artistic? I’ve seen photos of these with the cream paint but not the green.



Artistic. The original HE round was varnished all over with coloured filling rings. On my monitor that green appears to be similar to Deep Saxe Blue BS381C 113 which would indicate, in a much later era, Practice ammunition.

Some examples (ignore the repaints there):



Thanks Alex,

I had done some searches but there are so many variations and very few that actually detailed the country/load etc. However, I think I have found one in the second link you sent.


Darren, maybe this is of help:

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Excellent - thank you Alex.

A bit like these one’s dug up whilst excavating in a garden in Holland recently, but a bit less muddy…