WWII .30-06 AP crate

Apologies for my lack of prior search and pics, on the phone and on the run.

Was given a wood crate of .06, guy says it’s all AP in Garand clips.

black paint stenciled,
LOT LC 13314

side—TAEAB (my understanding this is part of the cal and AP desig) and 384 CAL .30 IN 8 RD CLIPS

Inside are sealed metal dark green cans, haven’t had a chance to inspect any further.

I’ve shot some of a few clips of this stuff before, familiar with performance. Was wondering if any of the forum cogniscenti can tell me if there is anything unusual about this particular lot, setup, markings, etc.

Many thanks for any info, can post pics over the weekend hopefully. I will probably wind up trading most of this and shooting the remainder in my 0-A3 for Ss&Gs.

Lot number indicates 1952 or 1953 manufacture, non-corrosive.

There have been some earlier postings here concerning the meaning of those 5-character ID codes on crates. See: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10173&hilit=taeab Would be nice if someone could supply a comprehensive list of these old codes. I have searched the internet with no results, yet these codes should be well-documented somewhere.