WWII 7.65 Box Identification?

I have the following box and 2 rounds of ammo that I am trying to identify. I believe the box was brought back from WWII with a German 1914 Mauser pistol. I am trying to sell this box for a friend of mine to raise money but I’m unsure of the value. Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to email me with your comments. jeley@eleyarms.com.


The story may be true, but the ammo is French pre-WWII production. The rounds are not scarce, but I can’t help with a price for the box.

Hi ,
French pre WWII ammo.
In France (are you in UK or in USA ?), you can sell it 10 dollars if you are honnest.
More if you are not.
Indeed it is common and furthermore the ctges will not work because the primer is dead.

I am in the U.S., Columbus, Ohio.