WWII 8mm "Leiferung unbekannt" box

That is the 1st time I see such a label in the “field” (i.e. gun show). There was a similar topic a long time ago viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5788&p=40213&hilit=unbekannt#p40213, probably by Phil Butler. My label is a bit different. What is the meaning of “vollwertig” and why it is taken off (over-stamped)?

This is a label used by the Heeres Munitions Anstallten.
The ammunition was checked “vollwertig” and could be used by fighting forces as new ammo.

Your label is over stamped. Not “vollwertig” but for practice only.
I think the HMA was out of practice labels and over stamped this one to get the ammo out with the right markings on the box label.


I understand that this box is not “vollwertig”, I just want to know what this word means, I merely do not understand this "vollwertig"word.

My dictionary suggests “compliant with standard” for “vollwertig”, which I find vollwertig translated.


Or in other words when related to ammo: “fully serviceable” (do not know if this is real English now)

The meaning intended for vollwertig was probably “meets established specifications,” such as dimensions, chamber pressure, velocity, etc., as required for combat use.

Lieferung unbekannt implies “a mixture of things from unknown or various sources.”