WWII 8mm mauser headstamp help

I have a few of these 8 mm shells four 1940 and one 1947 same headstamp I can’t find a match for it on the web was hoping someone here could help. And if anyone would like an example for their collection I’ll mail one of the 1940 stamped ones to you if you live in the US I only will give away 3. Just send me a message if you want one.

I will let some members of this forum who have more knowledge on 8 mauser give you more informations, but i can say for sure That it is turkish headstamps.

I thought that maybe that it was from somewhere like that. That’s cool and it ended up in western ny. Notice how the 1940 headstamp had much better tool work the whole headstamp is clearer.


Interesting headstamps!

Laurent is correct, the 7.9 x 57mm cartridge cases are from Turkey as signified by the star & crescent in the headstamp surrounded by the letters " T C " which stand for “Turkiye Cumhuriyeti” or the Republic of Turkey.
The letters " FS " stand for the ammunition production facility in Turkey, the exact meaning remains uncertain but suggestions are Fisek Sirket or Fisek Sube i.e. Ammunition Company or Branch. And as expected the “1940” or “1947” in the headstamps tell the year of manufacture.
Information is from: Headstamp Guide: Ammunition with Turkish and Arabic Markings, Ken Elks, 2016.

Large quantities of surplus Turkish 7.9mm ammunition were sold in the U.S.15 years ago or so and it still shows up on occasion.


Thank you Brian!