WWII Army Air Force Collection - w/downloads


Found this page in the net saying:
Welcome! Here you will find a collection of old books, manuals, pictures, postcards and papers about the United States Army Air Forces (AAF) during World War II. The AAF was sometimes called the Army Air Corps. This is an ever-growing collection of information about Army Air Fields and training facilities, including pilot, navigator, bombardier, radio and gunnery schools.

Among a lot of stuff is this pearl: Bombardier’s Information File (BIF) of 1945

You can get it for free complete or in parts there: aafcollection.info/items/detail.php?key=22


Note section 7:
Bombs; AN-M56A1; AN-M66A1; AN-M65A1; AN-M64A1; AN-M58A1; AN-M57A1; AN-M40 Fragmentation Bomb; AN-M30A1; AN-Mk1 Armor-Piercing Bomb; AN-Mk47 Depth Bomb; M-47A2 Smoke Bomb (Phosphorous); M70 Gas Bomb; AN-M12 Incendiary Cluster Bomb; Fuzes; B-17 Bomb Racks and Controls; Intervalometer; B-24 Bomb Racks and Controls; B-29 Bomb Racks and Controls; A-26 Bomb Racks and Controls; Caliber .50 Machine Gun; Gun Turrets; Bendix Chin Turret (B-17); Emerson Nose Turret (B-24); Remote Control Turret System (B-29);

and Section 9:
Emergencies and Precautions

First Aid in Flight; First Aid Kits; Physical Fitness; Effects of High Altitude; Oxygen Equipment; A-14 Demand Oxygen Mask; A-10A Demand Oxygen Mask; Portable Oxygen Equipment; Pressure Breathing; Dangerous Gases; Flak Suits; Flak Helmets; Vision at Night; Fire Fighting; Parachutes; Type B-7 (AN6512) Parachute; Type B-8 Parachute; Type B-9 Parachute; Type QAC (AN6513-1 or AN6513-1A)) Chest-type Parachute; Type A-3 Parachute; Type A-4 Parachute; Life Preserver Vest; Swimming Through Fire; Ditching; Life Raft Kits and Discipline; Signal Devices; Pyrotechnic Pistols; M2 Pistol; AN-M8 Pistol; M8 Smoke Grenade; M3 Smoke Grenade; Body Signals; Panel Signals; Warm Climate Health; Cold Climate Health; F-2 Electrically Heated Flying Suit; F-3 Electrically Heated Flying Suit;

Looks like lots of ammo related material, so this posting is appropriate and appreciated.
Thanks for sharing.