WWII German 20x138b ID needed


What are these? Inscription, identical on both: Zum Geburtstag 1942.


Hey Vlad

Can we get some dimensions? The flared top won’t be necessary. Guessing in the 20MM range. Or 30, maybe. Not up on those headstamps. But I know who is. Can quickly ID with some specs.


Without any measurements they look like 20x138b cases cut down to trench art.

P382 = Hanseatische Kettenwerk (HAK), Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein (factory)
31i = ?
38 = 1938 (year)
Waffenamt (inspector mark)

P414 = Silva Metallwerke, Madgeberg-Neustadt (factory)
21i = ?
38 = 1938
Waffenamt (inspector mark)

I am sure the much smarter will correct and add the missing information.


Missing Something, you are right in all respects. The question marks are lot numbers.


‘Happy Birthday - 1942’

Well, at least it was an original birthday gift to someone.



For consuming liquor? Regardless of intended use, I would think that those would make a very nice gift…



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Thanks, MissingSomething and the gang, you are correct, I checked the measurements (or what’s left of them). What is “b” in 20x138b?


B = Belted, referring to the case type


Thanks for the confirmation EOD.

And [quote=“PetedeCoux”]B = Belted, referring to the case type[/quote]


What he said :D

Glad I could be of assistance.


See, I told ya. And he showed up before I even got to ask. Way to go, Craig.


What else besides this gun fired 20x138b in anger?


Solothurn 18 (Anti-tank rifle) there were several variants.
Flak 38
Lahti AT rifle
There are a few others… I also believe that there was an aircraft cannon in this caliber as well…