WWII German 8mm Mauser head stamps

I picked up some surplus 8mm Mauser in St. Louis last month and I found almost all of with different headstamps. Does anyone have any idea how many there were? Just in this batch are 65 different brass cased APT rounds. Also in the batch is over 200 Training tracers I don’t remember seeing this round before just how common is it. If there is someone out there who collects headstamps I can do a list.

I know you did not really ask for a list of German 7.9 headstamps, but I sent you one since you seem interested in the caliber. It will be in your email. It is about ten pages of information that I put together some years ago. It was “vetted” by several top collectors, including German collectors who checked it for spelling and punctuation of German words and names, as well.

Thank you John there must be thousands of headstamps from WWII Germany.

In one year of 7.9s from Polte, Werk Magdeburg, I seem to recall it was 2935 but that could be wrong, I have lot numbers on headstamps above 300. That doesn’t mean I had them all, by any means. But, my highest lot number for the year was above 300. Couple that with all the years, all the factories, all the different loads, and it can give you an appreciation of what was produced. Of course, some lots were rejected, and some makers, in some years, may have only made one or two lots of cases. Still, the number must be staggering. My estimate, which I think I already said, is that to have even a decent collection of German-only 7.9 x 57 mm rounds, if you collected every lot number, physical variation, loading, etc., would be around 25,000. That is an “off the cuff” figure. I never sat down and tried to matematically figure it out.