WWII German FlaK photo translation/explanation

What is going on in the middle photo (2nd from the top)? Are 2 soldiers in the back holding ammo? They are holding elongated items. May someone translate the caption below. I guess I don’t understand what is being fired or done.

I can’t translate that much German, especially in the old script. However, the top photo appears to be a 8.8 Cm Flak 18 anti-aircraft gun, also used plenty in a ground artillery role.
The second photo appears to me to show two soldiers using split image rangefinders. It looks more like a training situation to me than like combat photos. I don’t know what the artillery piece in the third picture is off-hand.

Range finders. Www.deutcheoptik.com has them for sale every once in awhile. $$$

Translated it just says “Rangefinders for the FlaK Battery, on Military Day, Party Celebration 1935” At least I think that is the date…

Its a public display of arms from the various branches during one of the yearly Party celebrations…kind of like the big military displays put on by the Russian on May Day…

Those were the standard man portable rangefinders used by artillery, as John said they were stereoscopic range finders…you saw two distinct images, and using a knob you brought them together…look at the scale, and there is your range (much simplified of course)…

The above picture is captioned “Military Day, 1935 in Nurnberg : anti-aircraft gun in position”, so one might assume the picture below is also from Nurnberg.

Thanks, alles. If the 2 soldiers in the back are determining distance to the aircraft, what the soldiers in the front are doing?

It looks like they are about to elevate a 2cm Flak. The boxes alongside look like the ammo boxes that contain the magazines.