WWII German rifle cartridge identification


Visiting Volgograd this summer I picked up two rifle cartridges and I wonder if anyone can give me some help with identification?

Cartridge 1: P69 - S* - 28 - 37
Cartridge 2: P249 - S* - 5 - 38

Thanks in advance (from a beginner!)


Both are 7,92x57 Mauser ctg.

The first is sS
The P249-S*-5-38 may be an sS or SmK or SmK L’spur (ball, A.P. or A.P tracer)
The sS is with green primer annulus, the SmK with red primer annulus and the SmK L’spur with red primer annulus and bullet black tip.





Eric–This is what the headstamps mean:

Cartridge 1: P69 - S* - 28 - 37

P69–Patronen-, Z


Try this also: