WWII M21 Hispano case, US manufacturers?

Friend doing some research on a company in West Point, GA, needs a list of all contractors who made Hispano M21 20mm x 110 cartridge cases during WWIi. I found the table of Oerlikon-type 20mm x 110RB case suppliers on this forum, so now we just need the M21 table if anyone has it.

There are references in the Library of Congress catalog, regarding wartime contracts. It is clear the company of interest only made projectiles, not cases.

The reference for the excerpt below is “Alphabetic Listing of Major War Supply Contracts. Cumulative June 1940 through September 1945.” $50K contracts and above. LOC Call number HD3858.U594 1945, and available in the Adams Building Business Reading Room on their Reference shelves.

The researcher who provided this info. Is CAPT. Charles Creekman, USN, ret. He’s researching West Point Foundry Machine Co, West Point, GA.

Information pertaining to Hispano & Oerlikon 20mm case manufacturers.



Thanks much!