WWII RWS (?)9mm P08 boxes

While going through my RWS boxes for another thread, I ran across two boxes in the collection that have pretty generic labels and appear to be related. I had tentatively listed them as RWS products because one came with dnf St+ 6 43 headstamped cases loaded with SE bullets (top box below). The other was empty. They were not found together. Both 16 round boxes are of a cruder cardboard than generally found on German 16rd boxes, particularly from the mid-war years.

I have this box, but it was quicker to copy the B&W photo

Both labels are clearly in German and refer to the cartridge as the Patr. 08, but one as the 08 9m/m and the other as the 08/9Z.

I have only just noticed that both have an insert with square corners which is more typical of post WWII Czech and East German (DDR) inserts than German WWII inserts. However, I can’t say conclusively that this type of insert was never used in German WWII boxes.

The DDR labels are also this off white paper with black letters and the cardboard of the boxes is a bit cruder than most German (or Czech) boxes.

Can anyone shed some light on the identity of these boxes???

I now suspect that they were DDR repacks after the end of WWII and perhaps the Patr. 08 9Z box was repacked British 9mm Para. That is the most obvious explaination for the “Z” in the caliber designation. One of you probably has a better explaination. I hope so!!!

Information, identification and/or ideas welcome.