WWII Shell Casing ID Help


Can anyone help me identify the middle and left shells? The left says 75mm M18 but is very short. The middle says 12pdr 2.75”, but I couldn’t find any 12 pounders with 2.75” used anywhere near the stamped date (1942). The 75mm is stamped 1944, but the primer is stamped 1945.

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Unfortunately I cannot help you.

What I can tell you is the fellow collectors need some more information like a picture from the head stamp.

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This is the short casing. It wouldn’t allow me to insert more than one picture, so I went with the one that showed the length dispute of the 75mm.


And the tall 12pdr. Thanks!

The 75mm M18 cart has been shortened & re purposed as shown by the XXXX overstamps. Possibly for use as a blank.
The 12pdr is interesting, there was a fixed 12pdr used as an anti aircraft gun during WW1, given that some of these guns were carried over & used in WW2, it maybe a WW2 manufacture of ammo for the old guns. Any chance of an overall length in MM of the 12pdr cart. please?
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Thanks for your response! It is around 442 mm. The edge is rough at the top as well. Also, what would an estimated value be of the 75mm since it has been modified for alternative use?

I believe this is what your 75mm shell is.

CNovak, OK, from what you describe of the 12pdr cart. this too may well have been cut down as you describe a rough cart. mouth & the overall length does not match with any known specimens. (there is always the possibility it is an unrecorded cart.)! I am in Australia & I don’t know what country you are in, values vary highly between countries as some items are more commonly encountered than others. Saying that, the 75mm cart is still an original length so to speak, as a blank was a service item so would still hold better value than one that was cut down for trench art or someone wanting some brass for some reason.


I didn’t think it looked cut down, but I’m no expert. The rim of the 75mm (shown here) is perfect. What you’re saying is that this round was manufactured for the purpose of being a blank?


Compare that to the rough rim of the 12pdr (shown here). These are truly mysterious…

I am in USA by the way. And I asked about value because I am trying to catalog my collection piece by piece with general information and value. A rough estimate would suffice.

A square on photo of the 12 pr would be helpful, also the diameter of the base.

Yes, the 75mm was manufactured/repurposed from original cart. original would have been 350mm lg.
The 12pdr would be classed as rare in any part of the world, I haven’t’ seen one in Australia so would command a high price on the open market here. Better to ask some of your US collectors about value in US.
As TimG mentions & I will add, there are 4 basic features needed to ID a cart, 1)cart. mouth diameter, 2) overall length, 3) base diameter, 4) pic of headstamp-if present.
Hope this helps.
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Here is a picture of the 12pdr (left) with a 40mm bofors (right) for reference. A headstand pic is available earlier in the thread.

The base diameter is 89/90mm, rim diameter is 70mm, and height is 440mm. You guys are my heroes! Lol