WWII Soviet flame thrower cartridge for KV-8 and OT-34 tanks


Offered is a super-rare Soviet pyrotechnic cartridge for the ATO-41 and ATO-42 flame-throwers. These flame-throwers were designed by I. Aristov and installed in the KV-8 and OT-34 tanks that entered service in 1942. A KV-8 tank carried 92 cartridges for the flame-thrower and a total of 960 litres of fuel-oil mixture that could be fired in single shots or in 4 - 5 round bursts. The OT-34 tank held 100 litres of fuel and could fire only 10 shots. A pneumatic mechanism automatically loaded a portion of fuel and the pyrotechnic cartridge. In the instant of firing the latter ejected the fuel by accelerating a piston located behind the fuel chamber. During every shot a portion of approximately 10 litres of fuel was ejected to a maximum range of 60 - 100m.

The pyrotechnic cartridge consists of a brass case that has an overall length of 87.5mm and a rim diameter of 51.5mm. The body has an average diameter of 45mm and the case seems to be based on the 37x250R M1930 anti-tank gun cartridge. At the front the cartridge is closed with a multi-perforated steel disk that is approximately 3mm thick. A small percussion cap (similar to a shotshell primer) is fitted in the base.

Together with the complete cartridge (fired round), a cutaway model as shown in the second picture is included in this auction as well. So you will receive a complete and a cutaway round.

The headstamp of the complete case is: 5-43g. 184-O.

Please contact me for details if you are interested, thanks!