WWII US .30-06 Prod


I know I can dig for this, but I’m gong to be lazy and rely on the kindness of you strangers.
I was asked which US factories (and headstamps) produced .30-06 during WWII, and what years they produced them? I think he wants to collect one of each letter code and date combination for the duration of the war.


HWS II, pages 247 thru 254. I’ve never seen the information compiled in that format - there’s a lot of it so it will take some time and effort to make a list. And, you won’t find anything listed under 30-06. It’s Cal .30. ;) ;)



Jonnyc–Use the information provided by Ray for the headstamps, then consult Gerry Marcello’s book “.30-06 We Have seen” to get a list of all the load types for each headstamp and year date.



Per Ray we’ll call it Cal. .30 and I will try to be helpful and cite Jim Frigiola’s excellent article in the Journal Issue 426 on “Wartime Small Arms Producers of the USA”. (I feel bad I wasn’t able to make it to the show last weekend and see you and all the great folks I met last year. I had hoped to pull it off but it wasn’t in the cards. Business interfering with my collecting again!)

Note the dates shown are WWII dates of operation and may not include production of Cal. 30 for all years, but here it is for what it’s worth:

Government Owned Facilities-

Eau Claire Ordnance Plant: “EC” and “EW”, 1942 & 1943
Frankford Arsenal: “FA”, (most years I would guess).
Denver Ordnance Plant: “DEN”, 1941-1944.
Des Moines Ordnance Plant: “DM”, 1941-1945.
St. Louis Ordnance Plant: “SL”, 1941-1945.
Lake City Ordnance Plant: “LC”, 1941-1945.
Twin Cities Ordnance Plant: “TW”, 1941-1945.
Utah Ordnance Plant: “UT” & “U”, 1941-1943.

Commercial Production (No dates given)-

Remington Arms Co.: "RA"
Western Cartridge Co.: "WCC"
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.: “WRA”

Canadian Contract-

Dominion Arsenal: “DAC”, 1944 & 1945.
Defense Industries Limited: “VC”, 1944 & 1945.

Hope this is of some help and I look forward to making it to PA again as I enjoyed diving into your great bargain bins and spending my kid’s college fund at NATO Dave’s (and other’s) tables!



Thanks Dave. Same place and weekend next year.



While it’s certainly a reachable goal to collect “one of each”, you might want to remind your friend that there are more to Cal .30 cartridges than just Ball. In fact, the WW II FA headstamp can be found on about 50 different cartridge types. Wait until he’s hooked and then break it to him gently. ;) ;)