WWII US Propaganda Leaflet Projectiles

Can anyone provide contact information on an owner of one of these rounds? I am researching these for an exhibit on WWII. Ideally I am looking for someone with a cutaway version but anything is ok for now.

This may or may not be helpful for your purpose, but I remember a segment on “History Detectives,” the PBS series, about propaganda leaflets dropped on Japan, and I think it had some film clips of the propaganda bombs. I just don’t remember any details. Might find something on the PBS website, I didn’t check.

Here it is: pbs.org/opb/historydetective … 981803098/
It does show a propaganda bomb.

While there, you might want to click on the feature (second box) about the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago - it’s pretty interesting, with a little discussion of the shotshells used.

I saw a propaganda ‘bomb’ listed at colemansmilitarysurplus.com but I think it is from much later than WWII. Now inertord.com has a bit of information about the M105 leaflet bomb, not a lot but it might help.

The 1967 U.S. Army manual TM9-1300-203 “Artillery Ammunition” lists a M84 “leaflet” round for the 105mm Howitzer. It is described as exactly the same base ejecting projectile as the M84 base ejecting chemical (smoke) round, but is issued with empty canisters. Printed leaflets were to be put in the canisters by field personnel.

Although dated 1967, the projectile was probably developed during WW2.

Ok, I now know more. I need a 105mm smoke round, WWII. Grungy is ok, will be interested in all contacts.