WWII USN subcalibre mortar training set


That is the 1st time I encounter such a device. The seller (I did not buy it, $500) described it as a training device to teach new guys how to adjust mortar fire. It was inserted into the barrel of a real mortar so all the adjustments were done using real knobs. Very unique.




You come up with the dangest stuff!

You are too modest. You say that you don’t know nothing, but you’ve provided us here on the Forum with a wealth of information on a variety of collectables. Don’t stop.

Now, that device may have been made by the USN but them ain’t no swabbies using it. And no self-respecting U. S. Navy Sailor would sit on the ground when he could get a Marine to do it for him. ;) ;)



The uniforms and chevrons look “Army” to me. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been issued to the Marine Corps, of course. It is amazing how many of these weird and wonderful training aids seemed to have eminated from the Navy Department.

John Moss


You screwed up Vlad.
icollector.com/U-S-Navy-Nati … e_i9387972


Rick, do you want seller’s phone number? PM me.


Slickrick–I have had one of those thingies for years. I always figured it to be some sort of mortar simulator, but now with that link you provided I know a lot more.


I believe the Navy was the service tasked with providing all sorts of training devices during and after WW2. (Except aviation stuff probably came from somewhere else, but I an not sure about that.)

The Navy also procured the double size M2 Carbine, M1 Garand, M1918A2 BAR, and M191 .30 BMGs which were used by other services. They also procured the double size plastic cartridges for them, although individual services may have contracted for them in later years.