WWII weekend, Reading, PA ammo highlights


I went back to this great event maam.org/maamwwii.html, which is a vintage air show with heavy ground forces presence, all WWII. I gave away about 300 wasted cartridges to under 10 years old crowd trying to promote the hobby. Saw Avro Lancaster flying, big plane. If anyone goes there, visit the Soviet section, they do a really outstanding job, a theatrical performance with WWII history blend.


Thanks Vlad for the pict’s I liked it…



Harry, glad you like it. These flew over Holland a long time ago.


I think that Avenger flew over me on Friday as I was leaving work. Those WWII engines have a real distinctive sound.


Great pictures Vlad. Were all those shells for sale or just for display?

I take it the Lancaster was visiting from Canada. They have one flying here in the UK too. There is nothing like the sounds of those four merlins.


Yes, from Canada. There are only 2 in the world flying, this is the only one in North America. And it was very cool to see it with 2 Spitfire escorts. Most of ammo was for sale, the ones next to the guns in a neat display are for show only, there is a sizable vendor marketplace, no live (projectile) stuff allowed, blanks only, these guys shoot at each other close range. A funny moment came when an overzealous German landser threw a potato-masher a bit too hard and it bounced into the Soviet sailor infantry.