X-Ploraco 8x33 kurz loaded ammo

I came across this image of a box of 125gr soft-point 7.92x33 kurz ammo from X-ploraco of Houston Texas. Probably from the 60’s or maybe 70’s? Either way it must be fairly rare since the few results which come up from my extensive Google searches are mentions of Xploraco as a manufacturer of STEN guns or Mac type SMG’s and other military small arms from the 50’s through the 70’s. I’m sure it’s likely reformed Nato brass.

Have what looks very similar & it is from cut-down 7.9 brass headstamped " P163 S* 7 35 " and the " * " is a 5 pointed star.

neat packet.

As per the image above they seemingly also used 30-06 brass.

DK - could you show the headstamp, please,

i have a bunch of those, I thought they were home reloads, but the projectile is identical, and could be from the same source.

I don’t actually have them, I just found the image online, and there were no other images or info with it.

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I have a bag of this - it is reshaped/formed brass LC68 - Lake City.
The projectiles are soft nosed with a slightly different silhouette to regular 7,9x33 - more of a shoulder before the taper to tip.
Mine came with a bag of loose wartime Kurz - I would give it all way (the postwar reloads that it), maybe keep one round for my collection - anyone in CA or AZ who wants it can collect, about 40 rounds.

Sorry for the late reply, I just found this!
This ammunition was manufactured by my father in the late 1960s or early 1970s, likely from cut-down Lake City .30-'06 blank brass. My guess is the projectiles are what was commercially available at the time, I’m not sure what was used but 7.92/8 MM 125 grain JSP are still available.
Dad passed in '08, I really can’t tell you anything more about it.


I have a box of your father’s 9x19mm subsonic with a orange base on the case. I have owned it since the late 1960s. I would really appreciate more information on your father, the company and their production.