X-ray cartridges


What is involved in having cartridges X-Rayed???

Keep in mind that I live in a small, dinky, town and do not have access to facilities that would be found in cities. I could drive to a place like Phoenix but need to have some idea of what I am looking for before venturing out into the real world.



Ask your local dentist or vet to do it for you. A friend of mine is a dentist, so I’ll ask him what he thinks about doing it and what his cost would be just for comparison.


I am very fortunate to have a 65 Kv fixed x-ray unit (non portable) here at my work (sports medicine) and I occasional

Some dentists (and presumably vets and people docs as well) now have digital x-ray equipment. That makes a huge difference in cost since they dont have to waste expensive film fiddling with some wacko ammo pictures. I htink they even have little hand held scanners as well as the big panoral jobs.

Check the local gun club to see if any MDs or Vets or Dentists are shooters. They would probably think it is really neat to peek inside a cartridge.

John - I thought the same thing. I’ll start asking.

I get along very well with my dentist and he would probably do it for me. But I can hear him now. “So, you want me to X-ray some bullets for you but it’s been 2 years since your last appointment. How about you come in for a checkup and we’ll talk about it.”


Hi Ray,

Odd Job provided a very detailed explanation in April 2007 (just did a quick search on ‘x-ray’).


Thanks to all who responded. Good info.


[quote]Hi Ray,

Odd Job provided a very detailed explanation in April 2007 (just did a quick search on ‘x-ray’).


Indeed, sir, and I owe you an article which I may have time to do this year.
If there are any London based cartridge collectors, I will X-ray a selection of cartridges for that article.

Ray, if you were here in London I would X-ray those for you, no problem.
One problem with a dentist’s setup is that the film might be too small (unless you X-ray on a panoramic cassette used for tomography of the mandible or maxilla).

We have just had a brand new DR mammography system installed. I will be comparing brass pictures from that, with fine and broad focus images from a digital cassette.
We don’t have any film cassettes any more, we are completely digital now.

Thanks Odd Job…we just (today) had our “wet film” x-ray changed/converted to Kodak

You read my mind Pepper! I laughed so hard getting to the end of your last post as I swear I was going to PM you ask if you x-rayed some of your tank rounds :-)