X-Ray of Cartridges MKII

Thursday I was requested to do another class on X-ray of Military Ordnance, this time for a different metropolitan squad. As it was their first time in this class many of the images were repeats of basic items (walk before you run) and many of the images have already been posted. I did manage to throw in a few new items for my own purposes, and I’ll try and get them posted as I get a chance. I broke this into a new thread as the other was getting pretty bulky and difficult to navigate through.

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Good idea, keep them coming, much appreciated!



US AT mine fuze, what ever the designation is…

For those who have these in their collections, be warned, they are a live practice munition with a significant spotting charge. They are intended to give a visible flash and report that can be seen as/after being run over by a 40-ton tank, so if you are holding it, it will get your attention. Note the packing tin and how it is marked with a “loaded” date. I have seen many of these in private collections and in nearly every case the owners either did not know that they were live or did not appreciate the strength of the charge.


Here is a tough one, then I’m done for the evening. Bullet sorting that needs to be done.

This question is from the photographer in me:

Might you post a few pictures of the X-Ray setup, and explain the layout and process?

Nice! That is a Stinger pen gun.