XM 25 "progress"

For those that attended SLICS 2008…this was one of the two weapons systems & “ammo” I displayed. This is the “short” cased 25mm as opposed the the longer cased “squad weapon” ammunition that General Dynamics was working on (and currently “tabled”)

FYI…hot off the presses

ATK Receives $24 Million Contract Modification to XM25, Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System Engineering and Manufacturing Development Contract

Modification Provides XM25 Ammunition, Hardware and Weapon Inspection, Test and Analysis to Support Further U.S. Army Early User Assessment Testing

XM25 Successfully Completed an Initial Forward Operation Assessment in Afghanistan During 2010

ARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – ATK (NYSE: ATK) has received a $24 million contract modification to provide the U.S. Army with additional ammunition, hardware, test and analysis support further user assessments of the XM25, Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System (ISAAS). In March 2011, ATK received a $65.8 million Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract from the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier for the XM25. This 30-month EMD contract provided the necessary funding for the continuing design, integration, production, and testing of full-up systems to ensure the weapon’s final design meets performance requirements and is production-ready prior to Army-wide fielding.
In 2010, the U.S. Army began a Forward Operational Assessment (FOA) of the XM25 with soldiers in Afghanistan to determine its capabilities through use in actual combat operations. Based on the weapon’s initial success throughout the FOA, the Army has requested the items necessary to continue further weapon assessments. Information gathered during the ongoing operational assessment will provide valuable user feedback that will ultimately support the EMD process.
“The XM25 provides the individual soldier with an advanced capability to quickly engage targets hidden behind walls or in defilade,” said Bruce DeWitt, Vice President and General Manager for ATK Advanced Weapons. "By putting smart technology into the soldiers’ hands, we’re able to provide them with a distinct battlefield advantage by taking away an adversary’s ability to hide behind cover."
The ISAAS consists of a rifle that fires a 25mm airbursting round that is programmed by the weapon’s integrated target acquisition and fire control system to detonate directly above an intended target. The system allows soldiers to quickly and accurately engage targets by displaying an adjusted aim point based on range, environmental factors, and user inputs. The weapon’s target acquisition and fire control integrates a thermal capability with direct-view optics, laser rangefinder, compass, fuze-setter, ballistic computer, laser pointer and illuminator. These capabilities enable the weapon’s use during day or night and in all weather conditions.
ATK is the prime contractor and systems integrator for the XM25 program. Program management is headquartered at ATK’s Advanced Weapons Division in Plymouth, Minn. Program partners include Heckler & Koch, Sterling, Va. and L-3 Brashear, Pittsburgh, Pa. As a prime contractor, ATK specializes in developing innovative, advanced weapon systems that provide affordable precision and increased weapon platform effectiveness for the individual soldier, tanks, artillery, mortars, naval gun systems, and tactical aircraft.

The army has been field-testing five prototype XM25 in Afghanistan for about a year now. Results in combat are reportedly good, but frankly I don’t put much weight on official publicity statements which are rarely anything but glowing. Time will tell…

The army has said that they want another 36 guns delivered over the next year or two so this contract presumably relates to this.

Incidentally, the XM306 OCSW (lightweight AGL) which fired the longer-cased round (59mm compared with 40mm) was cancelled in 2007 when funding stopped. Then ATK picked it up and developed a modified version of the ammo for their LW25 Chain Gun, a development of their .50 cal gun and intended for vehicle mounting. However, no sales have been achieved for either, so they’re on the back burner for now.

Tony is far more qualified than I regarding his opinion on the veracity of military publicity statements. But I wholeheartedly agree. I have seen a number of non-firearm related military (and other) systems arrive with glowing favorable publicity, only to fade rapidly in a short period of time, after reality sets in. It’s just the nature of the bureaucratic beast, and it chews up a lot of tax dollars.

My personal opinion is that the XM25 is an (obscenely expensive) answer to a question that no one asked, and I have a multitude of reasons for believing that. I am certain that ATK and the other Beltway Bandits involved in this project would disagree violently with me. But I also work for a government contractor myself, and know firsthand about how they operate.

Display Pepper 2008 Slics

Terrific display!

Sadly I have yet to add either the 25x39B or the 25x59B to my collection (although I have a case for the latter).

Not sure how I missed this thread, but WOW! Just an incredible display, not to mention amazing high tech ammunition technology.