XM-645 SPIW Variation

I have what appears to be a XM-645 SPIW variation.

Headstamp is “I V I 6 9”. Instead of the standard green puller sabot it has a shorter WHITE sabot with a purple spot in the middle. The O/L is 2.387 compared to 2.483 for my green sabot specimen. The sabot sticks out of the case aprox. 0.139 (compared to 0.242 for the green sabot.). It is much flatter with an almost cylindical ogive.


That’s one of the 2nd generation XM645 flechettes, known as the Honeywell. Fairly common. You need to get the SPIW book.


where can you get a SPIW book on CD

Maybe I should withdraw that comment. I have a CD that was given to me by a friend who shall remain un-named since I’m not sure if I should be in possession of it or if he should have made it.

And that’s all I have to say about that.



Here’s a picture of a sectioned round. Not only is the sabot of a different design - it is referred to as ‘crushed’ (i.e. compressed) but the flechette is of a much chunkier, less aerodynamic, design.

Ray & Paul–Thank you both for the information.

Paul–I really appreciate the picture of the sectioned round.

If anyone is looking for the SPIW book (The SPIW: The Deadliest Weapon that Never Was, by R. Blake Stevens and Edward C. Ezell, Collector Grade Publications), you might check to see if your local library can get it for you via inter-library loan. I was able to get a copy that way last year.

Interestingly enough, the copy my library was able to borrow came from the CIA library. If I wasn’t on a list before, I’m sure I am now :).

There is also a copy in Ottawa at a Canadian Armed Forces library.

It would be a good idea to make a list of librarys that carry specific ammunition related books .

Thank you Paul for that sectioned cartridge.