XM and T Series Designations?

Does anyone know a source for all of the XM and T (Experimental Series) designations for US military cartridges.


Small Arms Ammunition Pamphlet 23-1. Latest copy I know of is 8/68. Pretty inclusive up to the point of production. Beyond that, I’ve just been keeping my own notes.

Keith Pagel
FCSA / VHP Magazine

Thanks Keith. Is there a place where I can get a copy or down load one?


Been out of print for decades, somewhere here on the board, though, someone once posted a link to it that a collector had put up on the internet. Don’t know if that’s still around or not. You might check the archives.

Keith - Thanks again. I seem to remember that too but I think it was a link to only a partial list. At least that is all I have.


Ray–Do you have MARS TM-108, “Ammunition Reference Guide, United States Armed Forces”. Pub. 15 Oct. 1965? The first 12 pages lists XM and T numbers, single spaced.
It does not list all of them but is probably 95% complete from from T1 to T334 covering from .22 cal to 40mm Grenade.


Yes, I have it but my copy is only 11 pages long. Do I have it all?

Check your e-mail.


Ray–I think I may have sent you those 11 pages in the past. The entire publication is 62 pages, but only 11 pages is devoted to the XM and T numbers. The rest is all the specifications for the standardized cartridges.