XM144-WE4 Flechette query


Gidday guys.
Is it possible for someone to post a picture and dimensions of a XM144-WE4?
I know that someone has posted some good stuff in the past but it doesnt show up when searching. Its one flechette round that I dont have, any information would be appeciated.



Didn’t see any dimensions, but there are a few old threads on the XM144, etc. here: search.php?keywords=xm144&terms=all&author=&sc=1&sf=all&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search



Here are the dimensions taken from a round (not mine, sadly) hope this helps.

Bullet Ø BØ 5.50
Total lengthTL 50.40
Mouth Ø MØ 6.08
Case length CL 44.80
Neck Ø NØ 6.08
Neck length NL 6.30
Should. Ø SØ 8.66
Should. length SL 36.20
Head Ø HØ 9.08
Head length HL 3.10
Groove Ø GØ 7.63
Groove width GW 0.70
Rim Ø RØ 9.00
Rim thickness RT 1.15
Primer Ø PØ 3.00



Good luck in finding one. I have but one, a function test dummy. It is the only one I have ever seen at a reasonable price. If you do find any you will pay big time.




Did any of those three get headstamps?




XM216 = RA 65, 2nd Generation SPIW
XM144 = WCC 63, 1st Generation SPIW
XM144WE4 = WCC 62, pre SPIW prototype

And I should not have called mine a dummy. It is loaded but instead of a flechette it has a dummy copper “bullet”.




Thanks for the HS info. Great subject matter for a “Meketa Special” New Forum mini-article. (hint, hint)



Dave E

The SPIW cartridges would be easy enough since there are less than ten of them. They are well covered in the book. However, I would not even want to think about taking on any kind of article on flechette cartridges in general. I’ll bet that even Pepper doesn’t have them all - and he has a bunch.