XM215: .22 weapons as helicopter armament - 1200 barrels

Despite having been interested in all sort of aircraft armament for decades the weapon system here was new to me.

Below the images from this article. I hope these are as interesting to you as they were to me.

Sadly no source is given.

Can I mount these to my car?

The helicopter installation:
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Close-up of 4 weapons:
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Cutaway and details of XM215 gun:
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Each module had 306 barrels and was meant to be fire M24 FMJ cartridges using electric ignition. Like the Claymorettes, it was also tried in trucks using 12 guns, which means 3672 rounds!



Fede, thanks, I already wondered about the ignition.
Do we have images of these rounds?

Just regular .22 Long Rifle M24 rounds. See this thread, for example: What ammo was used in .22 High Standard OSS pistol?

Ok, so no electric ignition but an electric trigger.

Alex, no, they used electric ignition as well.

I’ve got a copy of the manual somewhere but its been 20 years since I looked at it , I thought they were conventional rounds and the current arced round to round-

Fede, do images exist? Would be interesting to see.

Jeff, any chance you could digg up that manual?

I don’t know if I can find the manual or not, but I know I can find the piece.

Em, you have the hardware?

Well, not the helicopter…

Dang, everything is only half…

Would you mind whowing it to us from different angles?

I’ll go out and unlock here in a few and take some quick pics, what was Fede referring to as the Claymorettes? CDM-1A?

Nah, Claymorettes was me.

Here are a couple of views. It is a popular piece and lots of folks are interested, I quit replacing the cover a few years ago - it is a sort of soft rubber or plastic and I’m afraid it will eventually tear.


Really great to know you have preserved one! And thanks a lot for these great images!
And wise not to fiddle with the cover. You better keep it stored in a dark and cool place away from UV radiation.
And to keep it soft and as elastic as possible you may regularly (maybe every 3 years or so) treat it with glycerol.
It would be a shame when it would start to crack and finally fall apart or so.

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I know of at least one more, member Ordnance originally obtained this and I got the second one.
The CDM-1A is similar in intent, a micro- 1 ounce hemispherical claymore. At least 1000 of those were sent to Vietnam for field testing.

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Here is the CDM. CDM stands for “Convoy Defense Mechanism”. Another report I’ll have to look for, tracks the program through initial testing of full size Claymore mines attached to trucks, ends with the identification of the 1000 of these sent for in-theater testing.

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Jeff, great images, thanks a lot!
For hygene of threads, would you mind posting it here:

As otherwise subjects will be confused all over.

Thanks for sharing these innovative concepts.