XM645, XM216, & XM144 MG Belt Links

I’ve just bought these links. They are for the Flechette series of US experimental cartridges. The XM645 link is plastic and the other 2 are metal.

The XM216 & XM144 links came marked as such, however as far as I can tell they are the same.

Is it possible that the one type of metal link was made for both the different rounds or do I have 2 XM216 Links or 2 XM144 links ?

Alas, there is not much documentation on the Springfield Armory and AAI “Universal Machine Gun” designs.

For those interested I’ve spotted the difference between the XM216 & XM144 links.

The late Herb Woodend used to tell me to check, check again and then, after a suitable pause, check again before ever declaring that two links or clips are the same. Following his advice I have several times found very significant differences on clips which I had tossed into a “pending” box on the bench months before.


Looks to me like the rectangular opening on the XM216 is wider than the XM-144?


Gravelbelly, AKMS you’re both right. I didn’t collect clips/links and never gave them more than a quick lookover before putting them in the “ammo related but not really interested in” draw.

I was asked to take a picture of the 2 clips and only noticed the difference then.

I now collect clips/links and will be going through what I have with a new eye…

These XM links are from Herb Woodend’s collection.