Xm777 identification question

I am certain this has been discussed and answered but unable to find in archives. My question is, what is the headstamp markings on a xm777 round. Also what was the grain weight of the bullet?

The samples of the XM777 in our reference collection have the following headstamps: L C 7 4; L C 7 5; L C 7 6: L C 7 7; L C 7 8; L C 7 9. From the bullets we have pulled the weigh 53 grs. Hope this helps.

Thanks Ron just what I needed. A few other questions if I could. Is the tip painted black? If not what color? And when sectioned is the insert steel, carbide, ect and is is solid or similiar to the present day 62 grain penatrater?

The tip color is always black. Here’s a drawing of the steel penetrator: