Xray of cartridges

And I thought it looks like an excrement!

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So close!! Actually close enough. There are six models of the Noiseless Button Bomb (NBB) and the one pictured is actually the “Bent Stick, Clay”. I believe that they all carry the same transmitter number however, so you get credit. For those not familiar I will shoot a couple of pictures from the collection when I get a chance. Of the Six versions I have the “Bent Stick Clay, Straight Stick Clay, and Straight Stick Peat Moss”. These devices are greatly misunderstood, mostly due to the secrecy of the program. Part of the McNamara Line, they were utilized during Igloo White as identified by TimG, as well as several other operations. Commonly known as “dog turds” or “monkey turds” operationally they were identified as noiseless button bombs (NBB) and were highly sophisticated transmitters that functioned as pressure activated (step on) on-switches for acoustic sensors. For now here is an enlarged picture from a drawer shot I have filed in my office. It is about 3" (75mm) long.

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Indeed interesting!
Did these have SD features?

Negative. These were part of the US sensor program, with the most common being in the ADSID family, the more common “lawn-dart” camouflage spikes with the dead-plant antennas. The acoustic sensors were modified from the Navy’s Sonabouy program. A couple of the ADSIDS type were identified as boobytrapped, but these were the much longer darts, I haven’t found any for the collection yet.
I snapped a few quick photos last night when I got home, the sensors used with the NBB are the cylindrical items in the center. They would normally have a cammo parachute to slow their decent and catch in the canopy, leaving them as a microphone overhead, turned on when activated by the NBB. I’ve also included some pics of my NBB variations, as described previously.


Great selection you got there!
Thank you for the additional images.

Remember the SD / booby trap issue with these when I was in Laos and Vietnam as there was the possibility that some of these might have shown up in clearance ops.
But the only ones I saw there were in Museums.
Any you have more then the museums there!!!

For those interested in this subject and manymore around the war in SEA may look up the CHECO reports. Lots of great info there. In particular on backgrounds, experiences and issues beyond pure technical facts.


My guess:
#1 & #3: 4.2-inch 107mm mortar with chemical filler, USA
#2: 120mm mortar HE-RA, France
#4: 20x105B APHE-T, German Rheinmetall design, likely Hungarian made

3 for 3. The 4.2 is the phosgene (inert) fill.

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4.2 CG inert? WOW!!!

Any chance to see the complete projectile?

There are a few of them around. I’ll try and shoot a better photo this weekend.

Great, looking forward to it. Thanks!

EOD, I’ve checked, and the image that I uploaded was complete. I failed to down-size the image however, and the forum server has cut off part of the view due to the large size. Click on the image and it should resize. If it does not, let me know and I’ll post a new picture.

Here are a couple more. These are live commercial fireworks, sometimes used as/in IEDs, but highly dangerous in their own right. Moderators, if I am loading too many photos or causing problems with file size please let me know and I will cease.

Fireworks%202-in%20Red%20Peony%20%201 Fireworks%202-in%20Red%20Peony%20%202

Fireworks%203-in%20Crackling%20Crysanthamum%202%2Cjpg Fireworks%205-in%20Salute%201 Fireworks%205-in%20Salute%202


Jeff, thanks for reminding me of this strange display issue here!
The image works fine of course!

Fireworks are underestimated in many respects (as for danger, storage and disposal).
In the right hands (connected to a potent brain) these can be nasty devices. Thanks God terrorists are not amongst the smartest.

To what I understood uploading images here is no issue. So feel free to post more, in particular as your images are showing the more interesting half of ordnance!

USSubs, this is a great thread, almost like a virtual museum! Thanks for posting all the great photos!




Glaser safety slugs?

Correct. Inert Glaser sample pack.


What a pristine x-ray!
No real challenge as for ID: M67

Do you happen to have a x-ray of a life MK2 (any variant)?