Xrays part 2 - 50cal 12.7x99, 12.7x55, SPIW, flechette, FAP, experimentals, PPI, ACR duplex

1)Denver Inst bullet FA 53 2) Kilgore Frangible Type1 CBC 50 3) AAI SRT IVI87 4) FAP 12.7x99 DAG04

Various Athena PPI and G2 training rounds, XM1022 LC08

  1. SRT-T 4.74 TE F 12.7 2) SRT 7.79 TE F 12.7 3) unknown TW52 4) unknown .50 FNB 87
    the blue tip has UK esque 2k marking cannelures and blue tip, but TW headstamp… Looks like ball or AP round?
    the yellow FNB round has a mor rounded tip on it’s core, and some sort of maybe incendiary filler on the nose? best guess is phospohorus incendiary

  2. AP 12.7x55 188 05 2) pomeroy FA 40 3) pomeroy CAL 50

  3. PSP 17 02 2) SRT no hs 3) Schirneker no hs

  1. .222 rem mag flechette R-P 2) ACR flechette LC88 3) 9.53 mutli flechette WRA 70

    multiple SPIW

    duplex 5.56 1) WCC88 2) WCC88 3) WCC89 4) WCC88 5)WCC88

    3 on the right


Excellent! Thanks for posting.

Please, can you add information about the headstamps?



What was the image #1, the 3rd from left?

A most impressive collection of X-rays. Thank you very much.

AAI experimental plain steel SRT round. IVI 87 headstamp.

I’ll try try to get it in there.

Jess, thanks!
So the rifling engaged the steel proj. body?

I guess so. Soft steel ? I can’t see a copper or brass anything.

Somewhat unusual then.

Thanks a lot!

The portion above the crimp measures .510 (or very close to it) so I guess so?