Xtreme bullet Lehigh Defense

On Lehigh Defense’s Facebook page today they posted a teaser promo photo of a new bullet design they are soon to release. There was no info, or caliber given, but it is either 9mm, .40S&W, or .45acp, and would be solid copper. It reminds me of the Devel “Radially Dynamic” design:

Yup it does resemble the Devel.

I am wondering how the thing is supposed to expand…

I imagine these things will kill in the anti-vampire market though, cross-shaped nose and all!

This link to youtube showed up in my inbox this morning talking about this bullet design.
youtube.com/watch?v=betFqFC … ploademail
Good information. I think its interesting how their website is featuring the (sold out) .380 auto caliber. Good marketing strategy to offer a boost to the individuals electing to carry mico pistols usually chambered in .380. Personally, i’d want any boost i could get given the questionable self defense performance that particular caliber offers.
lehighdefense.com/index.php/ … penetrator

I had forgotten to follow up on this, but since May 2014, Lehigh has been producing this bullet (the “Xtreme” solid copper penetrator [not AP]) in both their own loaded ammo, and as projectiles for others to load. They have 11 different pistol calibers, and there have already been two bullet variations with very slight differences in the cut-out portions of the bullet done as they experimented with an improved design. The 10mm & .357sig are their latest calibers using the same bullets from their .40S&W and 9x19:


Today for the first time I noticed another manufacturer loading their bullet, Underwood Ammo of Sparta, Illinois. Thus far they are loading it in 10mm auto only, but will likely add other calibers:


I was told yesterday that they have changed their 9mm bullet design with a more squared off bottom to the flutes on the bullet. I will wait a few months to order because there is probably still some old design stock out there.


Maybe they can be used to tighten grip plate screws? ;)
Would be neat to have some of their 10mm variant.