Yanukovych palace cartridge board

Here is a photo from yahoo news. It was apparently taken inside the palace of ousted Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych.

Given the political complexion of the ousted regime it’s not a very Russophile cartridge board.


Those in the former USSR who have money (I guess that was the case here) use western hunting weapons and ammunition.

I am hoping that the Ukrainians seriously consider a Second Amendment style law before they pack up and go home from their barricades. The Iraqis kept their AK’s ( after registering them). It might be good for other new democracies. At the very least, it would surely freak Putin out.


I doubt that will happen. From what UK media is reporting, the protesters wanted Ukraine in the European Union. The common people owning firearms will definitely not be allowed by the unelected EU dear leaders.

Just as the USA included our Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights due to recent memory of a bloody and prolonged revolution, the Ukrainians now have a bloody revolution and a foreign invasion to consider.

The recent development of the Russian occupation of Ukraine territory will likely result in economic sanctions against Russia in the near future. The EU probably cannot afford to turn its back on Russian petroleum and natural gas, but I am betting that the US will freeze importation of Russian made arms and ammunition among other imports. It can be accomplished at the stroke of a pen, much like the Chinese arms and ammunition ban. In view of the international situation, it may be the right thing to do even if the Obama administration didn’t have pre-existing ulterior motivation. Say goodbye to all of that inexpensive Russian 7.62x54, 7.62x39, 5.45x39 and other popular calibers.