Yard sale find

I am mostly into milsurp rifles and bullet casting, but the tables full of obsure and obsolete cartridges at the gun shows have always fascinated me. I don’t know much about collecting yet, but I made a yard sale find and want to know a little more about what I’ve got. They tell me this is the place to find out.

One full box of 50 .32Win SLR with 168gr bullets, box is hurting, cartridges in excellent shape. (“Excellent” meaning there is no corrosion and I would not hesitate to load and shoot them if I had the rifle and they were still a common item in popular use today.)

Four full boxes of Peters Rustless Target Standard Velocity .22LR, boxes in 95% condition.

How do I figure out how old they are? How do I get a good idea of what they are worth so I don’t get taken to the cleaners if I want to sell or trade them at some point in the future? Because the box is in poor shape, should I still keep the .32SLR’s all together? Thank you in advance for comments/replies/advice.

versifier–The first thing you need to do is post images of the boxes. From those we will be able to date them within a few years of when they were made.

Both items you mentioned are relatively common. The .32 SLR’s, depending on the headstamp, are worth no more than about $1.00 per round, less in quantity. The Peters .22’s are perhaps $5.00 per box, depending on the exact box. There are perhaps 25 variations of this box as it was made for quite a few years.

You can check the collectible cartridge listings on www.auctionarms.com to get an idea of values; be sure to pay attention to condition, as this is the primary determinant of value, and look only at items that actually sold to see what they brought.