Yellow italian 7,62x51 grenade launcher?


That was what I was told when I took this photo. I like colour as well as anybody on this forum so I put it together with some well known plastic compadres, a .30-06 Bakkelittfabrikken(?) short range and a german noise blank from the sixties.
The extension of the yellow cartridge is almost full of powder. What makes me wonder is the pressure needed for launching grenades, can that be tolerated by a plastic case?


Never seen such a cartridge in Italy.

The only italian 7.62 mm grenade launcher cartridge I have ever seen here is the model with the star crimped neck

Italian also use the plastic blue short range rounds on the left at least in 5.56 mm , 7.62 mm and 9 mm Para. These have DAG headstamps

I have the black one too. Mine is headstamped " DAG 4-50"


The yellow one has no headstamp but a three stab crimped-in small pistol primer. At least it looks like a pistol primer in sizeā€¦
The dark one is actually (very) dark green. Headstamp is 7.62x51 DAG - 69 - 56. Green primer annulus.
The blue short range has no headstamp, so must be BF made.

edit: incorrect number


In our sale #9, lot 330 we had one, It is:
An unusual Bakelittfabrikken made 7.62 grenade blank for a Swiss, SIG rifle contracted by Chile.