Yellow Platic Tip OMG 88 223 Round

Hello My Friends On The IAA.

Can i find out what country made this Alum Cased and color,  Short Yellow Plastic Bullet,  That looks like a Short Range Round.  Its Headstamp is OMG 88.  I have it marked as Omega 88. i would like to know what country made it.  I also think because of the Headstamp Date that it may be Military?  Thanks in Advance,   joe

OMA 88?

Omark Industries, Lewiston, Idaho; USA. Short range training round, 1988. From a series of developmental efforts
in producing a low cost aluminum cased blank for the U.S. Military.


Thanks bdgreen

There is also an “OMA 88” with a blue plastic projectile.

The blank is a “CCI 86” with and extended case and star crimp with blue sealing.

The headstamp change from “CCI 86” to “OMA 88/89” reflects a modification in the manufacturer’s designation from “Omark Industries, Inc.” to “Omark Sporting Division of Blount, Inc.”, which occured in 1987. Box labels of both headstamp variations are just marked “Omark Industries, Lewiston, ID”, however.