Yellow-tipped FN 7.92 x 57mm


What type of load is this Belgian 7.92mm from 1939? Any suggestions as to who it would have been made for?




Thank you!


Hi Jim,

Here’s a couple of pictures of one that I sectioned years ago…




I believe the yellow tipped incendiary from FN are phosphorous filled while the more often found blue tipped one is chemical filled.



Hi Tony, that was certainly the case with Belgian .303 rounds, light blue for chemical incendiary and yellow for phosphorus, but I don’t know if that also applies to this calibre. As far as I can tell the yellow tipped rounds date from the late 1930’s while the blue tipped rounds are from the 1950’s so perhaps it was just a change of colour code. Paul, can you comment on whether your sectioned round was chemical or phosphorus? Thanks for posting the photo.


Jim, the soldered side port makes this one here a WP smoke tracer as it was designated in the UK.
This design will exlcude a “chemical” incendiary type.


Excerpt from Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes, Vol. 1, Color Coded Bullets, Part II, Gold & Yellow, page 93 (Scranton)-



Alex, I hadn’t noticed the side port in Paul’s photo…definitely phosphorus! Brian, thank you for taking the trouble to dig out the relevant extract from Scranton’s book.


Hi Jim, yes I think you’re right and the colour change would make sense of those yellow tipped Belgian AP you see around…although I think they were for contract to another country.