Yellow w/ Green Stripes 11 1/2 LB?

Hello All,

Long time no talk.

I purchased this piece of ordnance with the gentleman saying it is from WWII. Given the 1943 date it is believable.

It is difficult for me to make out the stamp, wether it is EP 43 or FP 43… The weight stamp is also difficult to make out.

Another intriguing item is the old swivel clip (which ballences the projectile perfectly). Like it is meant to be hung.

Is this a factory display item, or someone’s home made display item? Also is the colour original?

It will be hung in my garage regardless.

Any informational help would appreciated! Thank you!


I guess I should add photos…


There is a screw in this last image. No clue what the screw is for either…

This is not my area of expertise. Hope someone can assist me. Thank you again!!!


British 11 1/2 lb Practice Bomb -

Hello Tim,

Thank you for the leed of information!

The colours doesn’t seem do match what I’ve seen via Google. I assume it has been re-painted?