Yet another acid free cardboard question

It’s come time in my collecting career to redo how I store my cartridges. My direct question is this:

Has anyone had any problems with storing jacketed (no exposed lead) bullet cartridges in wood cabinets and/or with cardboard that is NOT called “acid free”?

I have a new wood cabinet that will work perfectly for me if I line the drawers with single sided corrugated cardboard, but I don’t want to run into any issues. I’m sorry to subject everyone to this again, but I’m not finding the answers I’m looking for.

Eric–It is only lead that is affected by the fumes from certain woods (mostly oak). GM or brass should not be affected at all. But, while you evidently do not have any lead or soft point cartridges now, you might have in the future. I recommend that you refinish the cabinet with a good quality polyurethane coating. Be sure to get all the seams extra good. And make sure you do ALL exposed surfaces, inside and out, including the inside of the cabinet after you remove the drawers.

As for the NON-ACID FREE single sided corrugated cardboard, I have used it in my drawers for over 30 years with NO problems with lead oxidation. I think that it mostly depends on the humidity in your area and how tightly your cabinets seal up. My cabinets are old metal letter files and there is a 1/16 gap at the front of each drawer that allows the air to circulate.

Thanks Ron. I’m going to get out the regular cardboard and keep my few soft points in a metal cabinet.