Yet another new Russian cartridge - 345TK

This is yet another creation of the Techkrim company from Izhevsk - .345 TK “smoothbore” ammunition intended for use in weapons that are legally classified as “shotguns” per Russian laws (with Paradox or Lancaster bores). Technically it is a rough equivalent to 9x19 Luger, and most probably it will be used in converted (re-barreled) pistol caliber carbines which would sell on a ‘shotgun’ license rather than rifle license.
Round based on 5.45x39 steel cases cut down to 22mm and loaded with projectiles with nominal diameter of 8.8mm. COAL would be about the same as for 9x19, so it would fit into magazines originally intended for 9mm Luger/Para. Projectiles will be available in solid zink, JHP and FMJ versions with weights ranging from 7.5 and 9.5 gram.

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So - I’m guessing we will first see a “shotgun” version of the Saiga-9 (civilian Vityaz)?
Thanks for sharing Maxim.


I wonder why they are not reforming the 5.45 into 9x19 cases and sell it as cheap plinking ammo.
Maybe a large market - even in the west.

I doubt their industrial capabilities are up to that, and that they can compete in this segment with established local makers such as Tula or Barnaul.
One specific aspect of their ‘TKM’ line of ammo is that it is usually more expensive at retail than parent ammo.
For example, their .366TKM ammo is about 2-3 times more expensive that 7.62x39
I expect this .345 also would be 2-3 times more expensive than 9x19 from Barnaul or Tula

Hmm, mabye they try to use their monopoly and the situ that people can get smooth bore guns which are more or less like a real thing?

How are their prices on refurbished 7.92x57? Also higher than usual?


How are their prices on refurbished 7.92x57? Also higher than usual?

I’m not sure if their brass-cased 7.92 is refurbished or new. They make 7.92 blanks (57TK) from wartime captured ammo, and it is priced at about 25-30 rub apiece (about $0.5)

Is it a 9x22 ? as mpopenker stated “Round based on 5.45x39 steel cases cut down to 22mm” and not a 9x19mm ? as stated by EOD ? Not sure 22mm will fit in a 19mm magazine and should not fit in a 9x19mm chamber, should it ?

Not a new concept by any means. The 9x21 IMI cartridge is the same kind of deal, longer case than 9x19, but as the COAL is the same as 9x19, it fits into and feeds reliably in most handguns originally made for 9x19 (ofc. with a special 9x21 chamber barrel). The 9x21 IMI used in competition sports in countries wherein 9x19 is illegal/requires strict licensing.

In this case, they’re using proprietary barrel/chamber dimensions, so it doesn’t matter that the 9x22 is too long to chamber in a 9x19 chamber. Keep in mind that the 9x19 chambers on the case mouth, I assume the 9x22 will do the same.
Typical uses for the 9x22 will be the Saiga-9 as I described above and other “carbines” (long stock/barrel civilian convertions of originally military rifles and carbines), and thus they want it to feed from magazines already used by these guns.

See the existing .366 TKM versions of AKM, SKS, Vepr, so on, which use the same magazine as original 7,62x39 guns. Another example is the 9,6x53 Lancaster round which is used in mechanisms originally meant for 7,62x54R guns (SVT-40, Mosin rifle and carbine, SVD rifle, Vepr rifle).

(COAL = cartridge over-all length)


Thank you , was a little confusing, seems odd to even bother using 5.56x39mm cases, unless you can not sell them :-)
I did notice the box read 9,5 ?

9,5 = 9.5gm, the bullet weight

The 366TK dimensions can be looked up on the CIP website (in Table X for special weapons) and I expect the 345TK showing up there sooner or later. The box in mpopenker’s first message of this thread clearly shows the symbol for ammunition “homologation” (pompous CIP language) by the Ishevsk proof house.

Where did I state something thelike?