Your Assistance, Please

I’m attempting to up date the head stamp information for the 223 REM / 5.56x45mm lists of Ron Fuchs and the late Dave Hughes.
There have been many new or revised h/s’s in the past few years and I sure could use your input. No matter how unimportant you may
think it is let me know. If you are able to verify, either in your collection or by publication, web site, etc. , I need the following:

The complete h/s, producer of the case, country of origin

Just some ideas of what I’m trying to find: Who produced the case for NUGENT 223 REM
h/s info for Berto Projekt, Croatia…

If you could take a little time and drop me a PM instead of tying up space on the forum it would be most helpful.
Many thanks in advance,

Frank, the Croatian company is Berta Projekt d.o.o. (observe spelling) of Zagreb.

Thank you for the correction of the spelling… that never was one of my better classes in school LOL

Do you have any knowledge of the head stamp being used on the 5.56?

Frank, the only reason I am familiar with the spelling is that I am looking for hs info as you do.

Here my earlier posting about:

Where do you see that Berta Projekt d.o.o. manufactures any kind of ammunition? I see they have some cartridge information and manufacture firearms but I can find no evidence they actually manufacture ammunition. Still digging as well.

Please take a look at EOD’s ,pdf viewtopic directly prior to your posting… I believe the we both share a common thought that the different cartridges listed may refer not only to possible firearms production but also cartridge production.

Also check the PhotoBucket shot of the .339 LM, API MO8 round and steel plate tagged Berta projakt, from EOD’s post of June 1,2014

THANKS, I’m sure from all of us, for taking this important project on.

Australian (ADI) made OSA headstamped 223.

ADI made Australian Outback Ammunition

Just a brief update regarding 5.56 production in Croatia.

CC’s post of Tues. the 10th is correct. There has been no ammunition produced by Berta project d.o.o. or others in Croatia at this time.

There is the possibility of a future production by the Croatian, HS Produkt, the maker of the Springfield Armory XD Pistol line. Just in early stages of negotiations with government at this time.