Yugo .30-06


This headstamp and the corresponding box label belong to a Yugoslavian-made .30-06. In 1957 that counrty’s military was heavily influenced by the Soviet Union. Why did they make .30-06? It does not look like it has been made for foreign markets (it is not a hunting soft-point).


They most likely had rifles and machinguns in this caliber left over from WWII. Even though the Yugos were influenced by the Soviets, they still used other weapons and calibers. The Yugos also were heavily involved in the export of ammunition. My reference material shows .30-06 production in Yugoslavia beginning in 1956 and continuing to the civil war, so for whatever reason or reasons, they made a lot of this caliber in a lot of variations over the years.



The Yugo plants have always made Soviet, German and Western cartridges as they supplied ammo for all types of weapons, both in their military and for export.

BTW I always get a kick out of those labels as they have used that old platen printing press for decades to print labels. Even new production today at PPU and Igman are labeled with the old hand set labels. I noticed a box of M193 ball from PPU recently with it.


Here is hst from 1986

And some boxes


I would think the early 1956/57 .30-06 was made to feed US Military Aid!! Tito was a shrewd operator and did not like or trust Stalin. So in the late 1940’s he courted US military assistance - which was supplied in the form of Sherman tanks, Thompson SMG’s etc. I think the Sherman’s had .30-06 MG’s. They certainly had .50 BMG’s.I found piles of .50BMG with ‘T W 4 3’ hst in trenches around Sarajevo back in 1995 (along with the ‘E I G N 55’ loads).
After the death of Stalin in 1953, the new Soviet leader Kruschev visited Yugo to patch up relations and as a result Yugo adopted the 7.62mm x 39 in addition to keeping 7.9mm for MG & sniper use + the other oddballs such as .45 ACP, .30-06, 9mmPb, etc.
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This .30-06 FMJ round is made by Igman, Zavod, Konjic BIH.

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