Yugo 7.62x25 - Pobeda


Hello All,
Sorry for the vague title but I really don’t know anything about this My calipers are broken so I don’t have any measurements other than

Roughly 25mm length
Roughly 9mm neck diameter

The headstamp looks to either be Cyrillic or NR at 12 o’clock and 1960 at 6 o’clock.

Next to 9mm luger


Sorry for the quality (webcam). Any ideas?


Idea- Could it be .30 mauser?




Your fired case is a 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev made in Serbia, while it was still part of Yugoslavia, by Pobeda. The letters on the headstamp are Cyrrillic and are equaled in the Western alphabet by “PG” which stand for Pobeda Gorazde, the latter word being the town in which the company is located. The company is still in existence today, best known in the West for .22 Ammunition, although they also currently offer 9mm Para ammunition. Whether they still make the Tokarev cartridge, I don’t know. Pobeda, by the way, evidently means “Victory” in Serbian. Some people have confused these as a product of Prvi Partisan of Serbia, or Igman of Bosnia-Herzogovina, but that is not correct.


John, I just hate it when you beat me to the Tokarev questions!
Well, you do answer them so much more in-depth than I do.


That’s great. Thank you very much. Thats one less that keeps me up at night wondering that it is.


I’m sorry but “Pobjeda Gorazde” is in Bosnia today, not Serbia.


EOD - you are absolutely correct, of course. Pardon me - the Balkans will forever remain a mystery to some of us. I have been meaning to buy a new, quality Atlas. Mine still shows the Belgian Congo! Everytime I think of it, some other country has split up or changed its name, so I wait for the next edition. I figure a few more years, at my age, it won’t matter to me anymore. Sorry about the error. Truthfully, I know better - again, I have been a bit confused since the breakup of Yugoslavia. Thanks for the good catch!


Thank you for the help. Don’t sweat it, I’m happy just knowing what it is. You guys have so much knowledge it’s great!