Yugo 7.62x39mm packaging


I have in my collection an interesting type of 7.62x39mm packaging from Yugoslavia. API cartridges in the typical 15 round boxes, but two boxes are sealed in a clear plastic bag. The boxes are side-by-side so that the labels are facing the same way. This is factory packaging I’m sure and I beleive that tracer ammunition has been packed this way as well. Is this typical of all Yugo packaging for tracer and API, or is it customer specific, as both types observed have “export” headstamps (“IK” vs. “NK”)?



I believe there is a movement away from Cyrillic in general in Bosnia. It was seen as being “Serb”.


The cartridges in question are dated 1986 and 1990. As was explained to me by DocAV, the use of “IK” in the headstamp vs. the cyrillic “NK” was to distinguish export production from domestic. The box labels are still in cyrillic even though the headstamps are not. I’m mostly interested in the plastic bags that these boxes are packed in. I have not seen ball ammunition packed this way, only the API and tracer.