Yugo M49 7.92?

This word “YHNBep3anHNM” and “M49” appear on a 900 round box of Yugo 7.92x57 ammo. Pardon my Cyrillic spelling, but I got as close as I could. I’m pretty sure that word is the bullet type. Can someone tell me the loading?

The 7.92x57mm Yugoslav M49 is/was the standard sS type Ball loading used in rifles (before they sold them all to the US) and MG

I went to the books and found the M49 designation that matches your info. It is that Serbian word that still eludes me. There is another word that means Ordinary Ball, so I’m hoping to get the one I posted translated.

I broke down a M38 ball to see the difference from the M49. Not much, althought the bullet has a slightly different shape. The powder looks the same but it is not. The discharge from the M38 when shot really stinks bad, the M49 doesn’t. Not a very scientific analysis but you can sure tell the difference. Both types have GM jackets and lead cores by the way.

Here is a box label with the words in question. I would also like to have it translated if someone would.

Yes, that’s it. A translation would be great.

The label says:

15 EA
7.9mm Cartridge
with universal projectile M49
and brass case
PPU 7803
Propellant: NTs-05 MBL 7891

Universal? I guess that means it was designed for use in both rifles and MGs?

Just a small addition:

MBL, the Powder facility is the first modern powder mill built in former Yugoslavia, now Serbia. The letters mean

                   "[b]MILAN BLAGOJEVIC, Lucani[/b]"

I think that this was the name of some local patriotic hero, and the factory, situated in a town named Lucani, is still active to-day.


I must also add that MBL also makes primers, explosives, mines, grenades…


I guess “universal bullet” means ball cartridge in this relation


Thanks to all for the translation and additional information