Yugo primer types

Can anyone confirm the theory that on Yugoslavian/Bosnian/Serbian manufactured small arms ammunition, the shape of the primer indicates wether or not it is corrosive primed? I read somewhere (here maybe, some years ago) that a “flat” primer is non-corrosive and the rounded or “domed” primers are corrosive. Also mentioned was that the use of green primer seal also could indicate a non-corrosive primer.

Would the use of the two different primer shapes be more of a in-house way for the ammunition plants to distinguish their products, or would the different primer chemistries require the different shapes?


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looking at the items in my collection I can say that all military headstamped cases have that domed primer while all commercial loads have a flat. Some of which are nickel plated.

We can assume that the commercial loads have non-corrosive primers. So the flat primers correlate with non-corrosive compositions.

If the domed primers on non-commercial loads are all corrosive, however, others know better.

Careful about the green primer annulus. True, it is on the last year’s commercials, but tracers with rounded primers have it too!

I’d expect the plants to be set up not to have to distinguish their products by shape.

Reasonable chemical requirement dictating the primer cup outline, I have seen too many different primer shapes (and finishes) in the past decades all coming from the same supplier. So I have difficulties to believe, but you never know. My expectation is rather, rounded form primer comes from the purchaser’s technical spec.: provided the cup material is the same, the flat primer will be easier for the firing pin to do his job.